3/13/2022: On Pixar's 'Turning Red', Growing Apart From Parents, TJs Rosemary Croutons, & More ...
3/6/2022: On Death, Crispy Gluten Free TJs Cookies, The Ringer article on Cancer & Fatherhood & More
2/27/2022: On 'The Worst Person In The World,' controversial TJs sesame sticks, & The Worst Kind of Want
2/14/2022: On 'Love', Gal/Valentines Day, TJs vegan bolognese & more
2/6/2022 -- Cheslie Kryst's Suicide, How we Choose to See Pain, TJs vday recs & more
No newsletter today! Back next week. Enjoy the football and check out TJs matcha powder & this segment on an immigrant’s experience at jury duty from…
1/23/2022: On 'The Trauma Plot', NY Mag's Cover Story Season 1: Power Trip, TJs Chocolate Brooklyn Babka, & ... More!
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